IGGI Touch Screen Gloves DELUXE Black

IGGI Touch Screen Gloves DELUXE  Black
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IGGI Touch Screen Gloves DELUXE Black

Warm and snug, these new and deluxe gloves with non-slip leather patch allow you to touch, type and scroll with precision and warmth.

Combat the cold this winter, with the our Touch Screen Gloves – the perfect and practical hand-warmers for the digital age.

As chilling air blasts from the Arctic, bringing snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures our way, our Touch Screen Gloves allow you to protect delicate hands while using a host of touch screen appliances. While the touch screen revolution has transformed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves, the inability to type wearing regular gloves has forced many to choose between toasty hands and their favourite digital gadget. With our Touch Screen Gloves, the inconvenience of taking your gloves off every time you use your smartphone, iPad and other devices is removed for good! Warm and snug, our Touch Screen Gloves allow you to touch, type and scroll with absolute precision – and maximum warmth!

Using ground-breaking design, conductive thread in the tips of IGGI’s Deluxe Touch Screen Gloves carries electrical impulses from your fingers straight through to your touch screen device. The Non-Slip Leather palm grip gives you the added reassurance that your phone should not accidentally drop out of your hand. With frozen fingers made a thing of the past, wear our Deluxe Touch Screen Gloves to program your satellite navigation system, withdraw from a cashpoint or while at the fuel pump. Ideal for commuters, use to purchase tickets from the touch screen display or type a text message on your journey. Surf the Internet, play a game or scroll through your digital photo library – all without the hassle of taking your gloves off! Also perfect for outdoor photography in the cold winter months, you’ll never miss that shot again.

Our Touch Screen Gloves are fully-washable, like regular gloves, and come in stylish black, with gentle material ensuring no scratches or other damage to your touch screen surfaces.

Fight the cold, and get gloved up for the touch screen era.

Six-finger functionality (thumb, index and middle)
Warm and snug.
Fully washable.
Non-slip leather patch
Functions on all screens.