Shunga - Geisha's Secrets Collection

Shunga -  Geisha's Secrets Collection
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Shunga - Geisha's Secrets Collection

Shunga -  Geisha's Secrets Collection

Perfect for romantic getaways or a good place to start if you want to try out some Shunga products.

This adorably erotic kit contains:

10ml Erotic Massage Oil,

10ml Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Gel,

10ml Shower Gel,

4ml Secret Garden Enhancing Cream,

4g Sweet Snow Body Powder

and a small feather tickler.

Charm Links are a fantastic range of charm beads - the range is enormous so there are hundreds to choose from to add a bit of colour try the Murano glass beads all with solid silver cores - blue, greens, reds, pinks, browns, whites, yellows, blacks  and many colours and mixtures designs too. Some of my favourite Charm Links are Pumba, Autumn mist, Blue Whale,  of our favourites is Pumba, with the ethereal starburst another one that we can't wait to collect. For the more conventional pink satin has a beautiful pink flower motif and piper a five petalled flower with small blue petals.

Charm Links can be worn on necklaces or more popularly bracelets. There are even rings and earrings to hold your precious collection of beads.  Once you start putting together your own combination of charm links, you will certainly get hooked! With Charm links, it’s definitely even better. That’s because there are just so many beads of different designs, shapes and colors to choose from. Each murano glass bead  is specially handmade from murano glass with  a one piece 925 silver solid core. The solid core means it is heavier and sturdier, unlike its ordinary counterpart with just two core ends stuck onto the glass.

Charm links lets you preview the  (using the Bracelet Previewer) of the charm beads you have chosen, to make sure they look good together and how the finished creation looks like. Here, you can rearrange the order, and either add more charm beads or remove anytime those you don’t think complement the whole   Charm links bracelet before actually making a purchase. The actual fun lies while you are selecting the charm beads that will look nice together, so be creative! You can actually create hundreds of pretty combinations from all glass charm links which have been sorted by color for easier selection.

Depending on the design and colors you pick, Charm links can be worn as an elegant piece of jewelry to special events and at the same time as a collection of casual everyday bracelets. They make wonderful gifts to be worn by women as matching symbols of their friendship or as a sweet but stylish present for your girlfriend, fiancé or wife. Any girl would love a Charm links bracelet dangling off her wrist!

Stopper beads are needed to keep the beads in position on the bracelet and they come in a great range too. Some of our favourites are marcus. bruno, tyson, casius, billy, buster and shilpa. use 3 if you like, to help space your beads around the bracelet. Stopper Beads often have a rubber inner core, hidden within the solid silver core of the bead; this rubber grips onto the wider "bars" on the bracelet and also on the "threading on end" of the bracelet.

Our Stopper Beads fit Troll Beads, Lovelink Petite bracelets, and many other brands.

If you are looking for gifts for girlfriend then these beads are a great choice as you can add to her collection again and again which means you need never be stuck for an idea of what to buy on any occasion such as birthdays, christmas, anniversaries.

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