Welly Warmers

Welly Warmers

Welly Warmers with Faux Fur Trim (or without) - Treat Your Toes this Winter

Welly Warmers are a great gift idea for you wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt, grandmother (or anyone who likes warm toes in the winter!). An ideal gift for gardeners, dog walkers and welly-owners of all ages!

Welly Warmers are soft cosy liners for warm feet in Wellington boots - they are like a large cosy sock that lines the whole of the inside the welly boot so your feet can stay both warm and dry on those cold winter days, while the faux fur top can spice up and definitely add sophistication to a plain old pair of Wellys.They fit all wellies - from Hunters to budget, these welly warmers will keep you comfy and cozy while out in the cold weather in your favourite pair of wellies.

Welly Warmers are a fantastic idea for keeping tootsies warm during the winter months. they are like a big fleecy sock that fits as an extra layer on top of your socks inside your welly boot. Anyone who spends time out of doors in Wellys will know that they keep the water out but can be a lot colder to wear than boots. Welly warmers solve that problem so that you can have dry, warm feet making outdoor activities a lot more fun than they otherwise would be with cold toes!

Faux Fur Welly Warmers look great and keep your toes warm with an extra touch of class. They are a looser fit than socks (As they line the inside of the boot) and so come in 2 sizes : small (UK 4-6) and large (UK 7-9). Made in the UK by Welly Warmas from top quality micro and polar fleece, these welly socks are fantastically soft and the faux fur top adds a fabulous touch of class.

There are several choices of fur trim available: Chinchilla welly warmers,  Leopard welly warmers and Zebra welly warmers!