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Carved Wooden Hand Wine Bottle Holder

Carved Wooden Hand Wine Bottle Holder
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Carved Wooden Hand Wine Bottle Holder

Wooden Hand Wine Bottle Holder

This very unusual wine bottle holder is hand carved with great detail from softwood, and will hold your bottle of wine safely until you are ready to pour your glass.  Just so long as it lets go when you want some!

Height: 17cm

Java Art
Our wooden wine bottle holders are imported from Bali by Java Art.
Java Art have been importing handicrafts from Bali since 1989. When Java Art started importing from Bali a popular slogan was 'trade not aid' which suggested that trading with developing countries was an attractive alternative to aid in that it would help their economy to grow, generating wealth that would, in time, filter through to the whole population and avoid the need for aid whilst allowing its population to retain their pride and give them hope for the future. Whilst sounding a little idealistic Java Art do believe that the handicraft industry in Bali has helped greatly to improve the living standards of all on the Island and fulfill this sentiment.
Java Art’s Wooden Wine Bottle Holders are handmade and not mass produced in factories so there is very little to harm caused to the local environment. The types of wood used are from sustainable sources.

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