Diamond Ice Cube Mold

Diamond Ice Cube Mold
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Diamond Ice Cube Mold

Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Maker

The Diamond Ice Cube Mold is a fantastic gift idea. Made from silicone this brilliant little gift allows you to make a giant ice cube in the shape of a large diamond.

Simply fill the container with water through the hole in the top then place in your freezer. When it has frozen you take off the lid and hey presto - you have a giant diamond ice cube!
The soft silicone allows ease of removal and means the ice will not stick.
The silicone mold is fully dishwasher safe - convenient and efficient.

A brilliant way to propose to your girlfriend - freeze the ring in the giant diamond ice then place it in her drink!

A fab gift and a great talking point at parties.

Instructions on how to achieve the perfect non-cracked ice cube with no cloudiness:
1. Use filtered water
2. Boil your water for a few minutes then leave to cool
3. Do not fill the entire mould with water as it will crack when it freezes - make sure you leave some room for expansion.

Dimensions of mold
Diameter: 7.5cm
Height: 5cm

Dimensions of ice cube
Diameter: 6.5cm
Height: 4.5cm (approx)