How it Works

MY iMenso ~ Jewellery in your own style

MY iMenso - how it works

You can create your own personal style of MY iMenso jewellery. Personalise it and change it to match the occasion or your mood – with over 700 insignia inserts to choose from in semi-precious stone, cameo, silver engraved coin, silver fantasy coin, double glass coins. Personalised image and message/name insignia complement the range so you really can make MY Imenso jewellery personal and unique to you.

Adaptable and collectible, MY iMenso is the only medallion system made with 100% 925 silver throughout. The collection is interchangeable so you can constantly update and refresh your look with new holders, coins, chains, bracelets or accessories. We offer rhodium-plated, gold-plated or rose gold-plated finishes.

What do I do?

It is very easy to design your MY iMenso jewellery combination: You choose a medallion (holder), choose some insignia coin inserts and finally choose a necklace or bracelet.

1. Choose your medallion (holder)

There are 2 sizes: to take the 24mm or 33mm diameter insignia coins. The medallions are reversible, so you can create 2 looks to be worn at any one time.

2. Choose your insignia coins

You can choose as many of these as you like as they are interchangeable – they must be the same size as your holder so if you have a 24mm holder only choose 24mm insignia coins and likewise if you have a 33mm holder choose only 33mm insignia coins.

Layering and texturing of the jewellery can be further enhanced with the domed insignias and flat insignias. Please bear in mind that if you want 2 insignia per side then you need to be able to see the inner one through the outer. IF the inner is domed then the outer insignia needs to be domed as well.

Up to 4 insignias (depending on if you choose domed or flat insignias) can fit inside a medallion, allowing you to layer them an alternate them. If you wear only 1 or 2 insignia then rubber ring inserts prevent any shaking or rattling.

3. Choose your necklace or bracelet

Choose your necklace or bracelet type, length and finish. All bracelets and necklaces fit both 24mm and 33mm medallions.

Putting it together

The medallion or pendant is split into two parts hinged at the bottom with loops at the top which interlink and click together and are finally secured with a necklace that passes through the loops. When open, the insignias can be slotted inside.