Kama Sutra Cupids Collection

Kama Sutra Cupids Collection
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Kama Sutra Cupids Collection

Kama Sutra - Cupid`s Collection

This exploratory gift set allows lovers to discover the pleasure of the unknown.
Gently tie the satin blindfold around the eyes to remove the sense of sight and allow your sense of touch, taste, smell and hearing to heighten and guide you through the pleasure of your love.
Contents: Red satin blindfold, Strawberry Honey dust with feather tickler and lightly scented silk rose petals to create your romantic setting.

A perfect romantic gift set to share with the one you love

Dimensions  : 51.2 x 29.8 x 24.7 cm

Kama Sutra  The most trusted name in romance.

While the art of making love has many nuances, subtleties and mysteries, the reason why lovers choose Kama Sutra is quite simple. Kama Sutra provides superior value. While fairly priced, our products deliver guaranteed quality and satisfaction to our customers every time. Kama Sutra painstakingly crafts their products with unique formulations and takes care in providing a beautiful package for each creation, a brand signature unmatched in its category. Each product undergoes thorough testing and regulatory compliance. After 40 years Kama Sutra continues to maintain an enduring respect from its customers worldwide, whose lives are enriched by our products. At Kama Sutra, we are dedicated in our mission to continue Making love Better for couples everywhere.

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