Mum's Hanging Heart

Mum's Hanging Heart
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Mum's Hanging Heart

Lovely Mum Mug

Mum That's Another Word For Perfect Hanging Heart
A beautiful wooden ivory painted heart to hang with a heartfelt message to thrill any mum. In pretty pastel pink the word 'Mum' is painted and adorned with several shades of pink hearts and and a flower design that is made up of individual petals with an intricate heart scroll design. The centre of the flower is a larger pink heart. Beneath the word 'Mum' is the text " that's another word for perfect". The heart can be hung with it's pretty two shades of pink grosgrain ribbon, making this a wonderful gift for any mum to admire. Makes a perfect present for Mother's Day, or indeed just to let her know how loved she is.

Mum You Mean The Absolute World To Me Hanging Heart
Pretty wooden ivory painted hanging heart with the words "Mum' you mean the absolute world to me" with an intricate flower design featuring swirls and mismatched hearts as the petals and a pretty pink heart as the centre of the flower. It can be hung from a door handle or pin in the wall or anywhere that a mum will love to display and admire it's heartfelt message. The pretty grosgrain ribbon is in a pale and darker contrasting shade of pink making this a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Mum, You're A Treasure Beyond Measure Hanging Heart
Ivory Wooden heart to hang with the words 'Mum you're a treasure beyond measure' painted on the right side of the heart and the word 'Mum" in a pastel shade of pink. The intricate flower design is made up of a swirly pattern and various sized hearts with a pink heart in the centre. Hangs from a matching shade of grosgrain ribbon with two shades of pretty pink to complement the hearts.