Red Rose - Preserved Natural Amorosa Rose

Red Rose - Preserved Natural Amorosa Rose
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Red Rose - Preserved Natural Amorosa Rose

Everlasting Red Rose - A real single red rose that will last and last

The red rose is one of the most well-known symbols of love or romance so why not give her an "Everlasting Red Rose" - a gift that she can treasure the whole year long - for Valentine's Day (or any other romantic occasion)?

Lasts for years rather than days
Whilst very romantic red roses usually bloom for a few days and then are gone whereas the "Everlasting Red Rose" will last and last for years if kept under the correct conditions.

A real rose not an imitation
The Everlasting Rose is a full size (50cm long) actual red rose that has been naturally treated to maintain its fresh and natural state for years. Since this is a real rose it is far more beautiful than an imitation artificial flower or silk rose, but is preserved so that it will last and last without losing its natural beauty.

Beautifully presented
Our lovely Everlasting Red Rose is presented in a special acetate presentation tube, and is delivered in an elegant and simple black mailing box. Gift messaging is available at no extra cost and gift wrap is also available

Keeping it in pristine condition
To preserve its charm and beauty all you need to do is:

  • Do not water
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Keep away from excessive humidity


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