Smokey Grey Sparkle Necklace

Smokey Grey Sparkle Necklace
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Smokey Grey Sparkle Necklace

Smokey Grey Sparkle Necklace by Malissa J

A fabulous eye-catching necklace that can be worn a number of ways. A great gift idea for any girl who loves to sparkle.

This fab necklace is made up of 4 elasticated strings of sparkly beads. The beads are in different shades of silver and grey.

The necklace can be worn long so the lovely beads can hang low down the front of your outfit. You can tie a knot in the beads for a variation on this look. There is also an ingenious little ring attached so you can double over the strings of beads and wear them shorter but with twice as many strands. You can also wear the strands as a bracelet by wrapping them around your wrist - either an individual strand for a more delicate look or all of the strands for a bold statement piece.

This really is a versatile piece of jewellery giving you 3 different looks in one item. A lovely gift for any chic stylish lady or a fantastic treat for yourself.

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