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White Crystal Heart Stud Earrings

White Crystal Heart Stud Earrings
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White Crystal Heart Stud Earrings

White Crystal Heart Stud Earrings

Sterling silver flat backed crystal bead earrings. The back of these earrings are sterling silver with a sterling silver stud.

Approx 5g

Crystal Bracelets are the most talked about jewellery item in the last 12 months, and are worn by a mass of celebrities. They are to be spotted on the wrists of all the stars of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, on both men and women

These Candy Bling Earrings handcrafted with Czechoslovakian crystal beads woven into the cord friendship bracelet, is from the extensive and colourful range created by Charms UK.

Charms UK have launched with a luxury range of Candy Bling Jewellery. They are of the highest quality and extremely lightweight; weighing in at approx.

The perfect gift for any occasion - Christmas , birthdays , Valentines or anytime when she just deserves a treat. A gorgeous bracelet that will be treasured forever.

Why are these bracelets better than others?

1) The core of the pave crystal beads is made of jewellery resign and not alloy, this means that there is nothing on the bracelet that could eventually tarnish and that the bracelet is lightweight and very comfortable to wear
2)The crystals in the pave beads are made from Czechoslovakian crystal rather than Chinese crystal.
Czech crystals are extremely high quality crystals and sparkle more brightly than other crystals.

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